Timber Frame Wood Selection

Blue Ridge Timberwrights employs a variety of wood choices for your design, each with its own advantages.

A traditional and cost-effective choice for your timber frame is unseasoned or fresh cut timbers including eastern white pine, southern yellow pine, douglas fir, oak, cypress, and cedar. Unseasoned timbers are used in timber frames for a rustic appearance.

NYRFVKilns_KilnWe also offer Radio Frequency Kiln Dried (RFKD) douglas fir, oak and a variety of other species. This material is put oversized into a vacuum and the water is stimulated out of it by Radio Frequency Waves. The timbers are taken to around 12% moisture content, then removed from the kiln and resurfaced. Kiln dried timber retains its natural color and has the appearance of freshly sawn wood. Kiln drying reduces checking and the drying process nearly eliminates twist, bow, cup, crook, and warp.