Our Reclaimed Timbers

We recommend using our reclaimed timbers to add a sense of history to your frame. Reclaimed timber is salvaged from older structures such as large warehouses and port buildings.

These timbers sometimes can be found in large sizes and longer lengths because of the spans that were built in the older structures. Reclaimed material tends to be old growth timber, thus denser and with more dramatic grain color.

Our St. Lawrence Seaway timbers were salvaged from decades old floating “sidewalks” that once helped men steer timber down rivers and across lakes. Boom timbers salvaged from the St. Lawrence Seaway give this timber a warm aged appearance with a sense of history.

Blue Ridge’s fire kill douglas fir timbers are an affordable reclaimed alternative. These timbers were killed in forest fires. They are often old growth timbers and can be found in larger sizes and longer lengths than unseasoned material. These distinctive timbers are an excellent environmentally friendly choice.